Take Action


Share this site with your friends on social media, help others get involved.

  • CONTACT US. Have a good idea? A success story to share? A group that needs to know about CCHD? Contact us!
  • FIND A GROUP IN YOUR AREA. Find and contact a self-help, community-based organization in your local area. Find a CCHD-funded group near you.
  • WRITE A LETTER. Write a letter to your newspaper editor or local government.
  • WRITE TO CONGRESS. Write your elected officials about poverty issues you care about.
  • SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS. Support a co-op, or a local or family-owned business in your community.
  • PLAN A HELPING VACATION. Plan a vacation around a learning or helping experience.
  • TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. Use public transportation whenever possible. Your support helps to ensure that public transportation remains available for us all.
  • SHOP FOR GOOD. Choose stores or services in your community that support local groups.
  • VOLUNTEER. Volunteer for a group that assists low-income people. See if there’s a locally funded CCHD group near you.
  • MAKE A DONATION. Find a CCHD-funded group near you, or donate to the general fund of Catholic Campaign for Human Development.
  • SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE. Are you a volunteer? Find a way to share with others what you’ve learned about how to address poverty.
  • SHARE YOUR INTEREST. Talk with others. Let people in your community know about your interest. They can lead you to new opportunities.
  • CHOOSE YOUR ISSUES. Is there a particular issue that speaks to you? Childcare? Housing? Computer training? Pick your issue and concentrate on that.
  • RELIEVE HUNGER. Hunger is a year-round issue, and forces families to choose between food and other expenses. Donate goods to pantries.
  • SHARE YOUR TALENTS. Share your time and talents. Be candid about how much time you want to spend and how much you can do. It’ll make you a better volunteer.
  • START A FOOD DRIVE. Start a food drive in your community. Talk to your local organization, the group you want to sponsor. Talk to your local market too. They may have programs already in place that your organization can adopt.
  • SEND A STUDENT TO COLLEGE. Assist low-income students to find college funding, through sources in your community.
  • FIND OUT WHAT PEOPLE NEED. Call the organizations or agencies in your area for a list of their most wanted items. Distribute the list to family and friends to join the effort.
  • HOLD AN EVENT. Raise funds for a self-help program through a community event; a benefit concert; a walk-a-thon; or a collective yard sale, then donate the proceeds to a self-help group.
  • CHOOSE YOUR WORDS WISELY. Using derogatory terms and/or making generalizations about people who are living in poverty works against people who are trying to get back on their feet. Instead, talk with people who are struggling and listen to their stories.
  • SHOW RESPECT. Work is more than a way to make a living; it is a form of continuing participation in God’s creation. Be respectful of people’s occupation and considerate of all types of workers we encounter every day.
  • GET INVOLVED WITH USCCB. Participate in advocacy campaigns, find your official representatives, find legislation, and sign up for the newsletter at the USCCB Action Center.