Grades 6-12

Activity 3


Have your students visit povertyusa.org and follow the instructions below:

Take the Poverty Quiz. Record your score. Were there any facts presented in the quiz that surprised you? Explain.

Read “Poverty Facts: The State of Poverty in America.”

How many people live in poverty in America?

How is the poverty rate changing? How about the number of people living in poverty?

What ethnic groups are most likely to experience poverty?

Are the percentages of men and women living in poverty the same?

Which minorities are most likely to experience poverty?

What is your income, before taxes, if you work full-time at a minimum wage job?

What is the poverty threshold for your family?

Go to the Act page. How can you help?

Go to Stories of Hope. Read about some of the projects that the Catholic Campaign for Human Development supports.

Write your reflections on what you learned in this exercise.