How You've Helped Us Lift the Downtrodden for 50 Years

CCHD 50th Anniversary

For 50 years now, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) has supported community organizations that address and remedy the root causes of poverty -- and we couldn't have done it without your help. To celebrate five decades of positive social change, we've been highlighting the on-the-ground work of our dedicated funded organizations in a recent blog series. Donations to the CCHD collection go directly back into community organizations that help people get gainful employment, improve transportation infrastructure, gain access to quality housing, and more. In addition, twenty-five percent of funds donated stay within the local diocese to support initiatives that address poverty’s root causes in your local community.

We want to thank our generous supporters, the faithful Catholics who have made all this great work possible, by showing exactly where your dollars have gone.

Community Organizations Funded By Your Donations

View specific projects by clicking the organization below

COPS Metro | San Antonio, TX


Louisiana Bucket Brigade | New Orleans, LA


PREPARES | Washington

El Pájaro Community Development Corporation | Watsonville, CA

Wellspring Co-Op | Springfield, MA

 No Boundaries Coalition | Baltimore, MD

Arise | Chicago, IL

 Code the Dream | Nationwide


AMOS Institute of Public Life | Des Moines, IA

WISDOM/ EXPO | Milwaukee, WI

Restore OKC | Oklahoma City, OK

Rural Community Workers Alliance | Missouri

Your Support Is More Important Than Ever

These wonderful organizations continue to improve lives -- but the COVID-19 pandemic has made their work more important than ever. With record unemployment, widespread inadequate access to healthcare, housing, and food, and no end in sight as long-standing disparities are exacerbated – many in our communities are facing dire circumstances. These CCHD-funded initiatives are helping record numbers of people on a daily basis. If you have the means to help your neighbor during these uncertain times, please consider giving to the annual parish collection in your diocese.

How to Donate to CCHD

You can help break the cycle of poverty by supporting the CCHD collection in your parish, held in most parishes on November 20-21. If you miss the collection, or your (arch)diocese does not participate, you can send your donation to:

Catholic Campaign for Human Development

USCCB Office of National Collections
P. O. Box 96278
Washington DC 20090-6278
Make your check or money order payable to: "Catholic Campaign for Human Development."

50 Years of CCHD