Stories of Hope

Don Bosco Workers

Port Chester, New York

The Issue: Day laborers were being treating unfairly and often not being paid fair rates.

For many immigrants in Port Chester, New York, day labor work is the only work they can get. Due to a formidable language barrier between the employers and their prospective employees, communication difficulties often occur. Some employers even exploit the immigrant status of the workers to deny them the promised wages, gambling that the laborers either did not know their rights or would not risk making a formal complaint. To empower and support laborers, Don Bosco Workers was created.

Their Impact: Empowering workers to seek just wages and safe workplace conditions.

This worker-led organization conducts Know Your Rights programs, leadership development classes, and OSHA trainings to ensure their members understand the laws and their rights. Throughout the city, Don Bosco Workers has affected significant change in the hiring and payment process, and they continue to advocate for businesses to comply with wage and hour laws.

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development has supported Don Bosco Workers in advancing the dignity of workers and giving them a voice to secure economic justice and build support within the community.