Stories of Hope

Living Hope Wheelchair Association

Houston, Texas

The Issue: People with irregular immigration status are being denied medical supplies.

Spinal cord injuries are devastating, life-changing events for both the people who incur them and for their families. Such injuries are also extraordinarily expensive, taking a disproportionate toll on low-income immigrants. To make matters even more dire, a local hospital in Houston decided to no longer provide medical supplies to people with irregular immigration status. This act left many immigrants in an unspeakable position until a group of immigrant workers called Living Hope Wheelchair Association came to the rescue by not only providing critical medical supplies but also helping improve access to services for people with disabilities.

Their Impact: Immigrants with disabilities gain their mobility, and they are improving the rights of workers and people with disabilities.

Living Hope Wheelchair Association works towards systemic change by promoting the rights and equality of people with disabilities. They work with local groups to encourage legislative reform that benefit immigrants with disabilities. At the same time, it also supports efforts to prevent workplace accidents and strengthen workers’ rights. Their efforts have helped the injured overcome the many obstacles of spinal cord injuries while gaining their independence.

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development has supported Living Hope Wheelchair Association to build its organizational structure, provide stipends for trainers, develop leadership, and work for the rights of people with disabilities.